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Louisville/DePaul Recap Notes

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Via stat sheet:

  • Louisville started 21-6 during the 2007, 2002, and 1996 seasons (since 1996).
  • Louisville has played in 3 overtime games this season. Over the last 5 seasons the Cardinals have played in 12 overtime games with a record of 8-4.
  • The Cardinals have won 4 close games this season (a win by 5 or fewer points). Since 2006, Louisville has won 24 close games.
  • Louisville has won 100% of the time this season (7-0) when its had a three point percentage of 37.5% or better.
  • The Cardinals have won 100% of the time this season (4-0) after recording 30 or more field goals made.
  • Louisville has won 81% of the time this season (9-2) after committing 17 or fewer turnovers.
  • Lville has won 93% of the time this season (15-1) when opponents record 36 or fewer rebounds.
  • Lville wins 85% of the time this season (6-1) when their opponent has 20 or more turnovers.
  • Lville has won 80% of the time this season (21-5) after holding an opponent to under 48.5% field goal percentage.
  • This season Louisville has won 88% of the time (8-1) when Gorgui Dieng has 5 blocks or more, 83% of the time (10-2) when Peyton Siva has 6 assists or more, and 80% of the time (17-4) when Chane Behanan has 6 rebounds or more.
  • The Cardinals set a season high for three pointers.
  • The last time Lville recorded at least 12 three pointers was Mar 10, 2011 against Marquette (link).
  • The Cardinals have outshot their opponents in three point percentage for the past 4 games.
  • This is the 2nd win of the season where the Cardinals came back after being down at half-time.
  • The top two scorers (Kyle Kuric and Chris Smith) accounted for 50.0% of the points.
  • Kyle Kuric has led the team in scoring in 12 out of 27 games this season.
  • Gorgui Dieng has led the team in rebounding in 17 out of 27 games this season.
  • This marks the 9th 20-point game of Kyle Kuric's career.
  • This was the 5th foul out of the season for Gorgui Dieng
  • This marks the 2nd 20-point game of Chris Smith's career.
  • Chris Smith has 4 straight double-digit point games.
  • Chris Smith had a career high with 20 points and 5 offensive rebounds.