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Chane Behanan Has The Flu And Other Pitino Press Conference Notes

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--Chane Behanan woke up with aches and the flu. They'll give him some medicine before traveling to Chicago today and hope that he can give a "Jordan-like performance" tomorrow.

--Not the same thing that Kevin Ware had earlier this week. Kevin had a stomach virus.

--The double bye in the Big East Tournament isn't that important to him. Would rather play more games to get Wayne more experience.

--If Chane Behanan can't go tomorrow, he'll probably start Kyle Kuric at the four and Wayne Blackshear at the three. Doesn't want to start Swop, because he knows Swop is reliable and doesn't want him to get into foul trouble early on.

--"Every day Wayne gets a little better." Having to play him more against DePaul could wind up being a blessing. The hope is that he'll be near 100% by the Big East Tournament and NCAA Tournament time.

--Wayne didn't know enough about what Syracuse was doing on offense to play a lot against them. He still has a lot to learn and he still has to get back into shape.

--We didn't want to get into a transition game with Syracuse, and we did a good job of that. The free-throws and the failure to execute on the final possession were the biggest disappointments.

--It's a big lift to have a lot of U of L fan support at the DePaul game in Chicago. We had it the last time we played there and it was great.

--DePaul is the type of team that can beat anybody on any given night because of how many threes they shoot. They made ten against us last time. They also press a lot, and if you don't take care of the ball you're going to be in for a long night. You have to attack them inside, which is why we're really hoping Chane can play.

--Just thought Gorgui lost his confidence against Syracuse after he missed a couple of jumpers. The plan wasn't to get the ball into the middle of the Syracuse zone, it was to attack it with the dribble. Peyton did a terrific job doing that before he got into foul trouble. Then we had a couple of other guys who tried to do the same thing and couldn't.

--Gave a speech to the team yesterday in which he asked all of the guys to imagine that they are ten-year veterans in the NBA with a chance to win a ring. Then asked them what they thought they needed to do to win that title. They came up with picking up their defensive level and getting tougher. Told them they need to understand that there are going to be times when the offense isn't there and they need to overcome that with defense. We're a young team, but we can't act young anymore. We need to go into the Big East Tournament playing our best basketball.

--Wayne is a young guy who doesn't play young. He really understands the game of basketball. He has a lot of Luke Hancock in him in that regard.

--Playing at the four may actually help Kyle, because fours have a lot more trouble guarding Kyle than threes.

--Isn't sure if Wayne is ready to play big time minutes yet, but he may not have a choice.

--Has been texting his friends in New York about Jeremy Lin a lot recently. Said he hopes to have a "Lin and Tonic" in Chicago if we win the game. There's no question that Lin is the real deal, and it couldn't happen to a better franchise than the long-suffering Knicks franchise. The whole thing is a lot of fun.

--Chris Smith didn't think that J.R. would sign with the Knicks, but that's great for them that he has.

--Saw Jerry Smith in the D League the other night and he looks tremendous. He always tried to get him to lose weight while he was here, but he didn't lose the "right weight." Talked to a Nets executive who said he probably won't get called up there, but thinks he'll definitely get a shot in the NBA somewhere else. He's playing amazingly well right now.

--Edgar Sosa is close to being back to playing shape. He was playing very well, too, before his injury.

--Chane was out of position on defense several times against Syracuse. He had no idea how to play defense when he got here, but he's getting better. It's very difficult for freshmen to pick up our defense, and he still struggles, but he's made tremendous strides this season.

--We have a very unusual basketball team this year. Like last year, we have a terrific attitude, but there are so many things that we "just don't know." You never know what you're going to get out of a guy like Russ Smith. You put him in against West Virginia and he helps you win the game. You put him in against Syracuse and he has the quickest four turnovers in the history of basketball. Guys like Russ, Angel, Wayne and some others, you never know what you're going to get from them when you substitue. It's very intriguing.

--Asked about "Russell Mania" and how it compares to "Linsanity": "I don't think it's quite there yet. It is 'mania' though. With a negative connotation." (Awesome)