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DePaul Fans Being Even More DePaul Than Usual Heading Into DePaul Day

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A sampling of posts from a "Louisville pregame" thread on their scout site:

--do we have to?

--Unfortunately, we have to. I look forward to being pissed after another blowout on Saturday.

--I actually had a buddy of mine(who is a die hard demon fan) text me this morning and say ''I almost look foward to driving to rosemont, dropping a 100 bucks on food,parking and beer and watching us get our ass kicked. Sad i know big guy''. Thats the mind set of some in are fan base right now. My god. I just want a winning program again. I can hardly watch other games because i find myself getting depressed. Large crowds, looking foward to march, etc etc. I dont know guys. Just keep the faith. As hard as it is sometimes.I hear ya, Bubba. I hear ya...

--I'm usually a glass half-full guy myself, but it's just been a really brutal stretch. If I had a feeling changes were on the horizon, I might step off the proverbial ledge, but I honestly don't see things changing very soon.

Don't get me wrong - I still love DePaul, but I think I may need to take a break from DePaul Hoops for a while.

--I hate March I cannot even fathom hearing about the tournry

--When my wife and I watch the tournament she always says "It's like these teams play a totally different sport from DePaul". Too true as there fundamentals, talent and effort are far superior.

The biggest question at this point is how the Cardinals respond to this type of raucous environment.