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Louisville Is The Nation's Top Television Market For College Basketball (By A Lot)

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According to statistics released by ESPN, Louisville is again the top television market for college basketball, and the rest of the country isn't all that close.

From November 11, 2011 through February 12, 2012 for all men's college basketball games on ESPN (a total of 93 games), Louisville stands as the top men's college basketball viewing market (of 56 metered markets nationwide).

According to Nielsen, Louisville retained the top spot from 2010-11 and has increased its rating five percent (4.4 to 4.6). The city doubles the rating of the No. 6 market, Charlotte, which has averaged a 2.3 rating thus far.

The top five markets are:

1. Louisville (4.6).
2. Greensboro-High Point (3.5).
3. Columbus (2.9).
4. Kansas City (2.7).
5. Raleigh-Durham (2.6).

Louisville has also dominated the United States in ratings during the NCAA Tournament in recent years.

I mean, what else can you say? The city just gets it.

If you really love college basketball, there's no better place to live during this time of the year.