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A Look Back At The Road To Ten Big East Wins

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A little less than a month ago, Louisville stood at 2-4 in the Big East and with its NCAA Tournament hopes in extreme jeopardy. At that time, we came to the consensus that ten league victories were what the Cards would need in order to assure themselves of a spot in the field of 68.

U of L now sits at 8-5 with five Big East games remaining, and has put itself in a position where a final league record of 10-8 would be a disappointment.

Let's look at how we got here by analyzing the original road map to ten wins. Games won are bolded and games lost are struck through.

Must Wins

vs. Rutgers (2/4)
At DePaul (2/18)
vs. Pittsburgh (2/26)
vs. South Florida (2/29)

Should Wins

vs. Villanova (1/25)
At Pittsburgh (1/21)

Puncher's Chance

At Seton Hall (1/28)
At West Virginia (2/11)

A Win is a Steal

vs. Connecticut (2/6)
vs. Syracuse (2/13)
At Cincinnati (2/23)
At Syracuse (3/3)

Obviously, the Connecticut win isn't nearly as impressive as we thought it would be a month ago, but the "bold" work by this team (oh my God, what's happening to me?) still speaks pretty loudly.

The other thing that stands out is that three of the remaining five games fall under the "must win" umbrella. It almost feels unusual for it to be mid-February and have Louisville not playing a ranked opponent every other game, but such is life with this year's Big East and this front-loaded conference schedule. It's also unfortunate, because the Cards are still sorely lacking in conference wins and desperately need a few to help themselves stand out amongst the clutter of teams vying for three, four or five seeds.

Take care of business against the three teams you'll likely be heavy favorites against and win a big one either in the regular season finale or Big East Tournament, and Louisville figures to be in solid shape heading into mid-March.