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Card Chronicle On The Radio: Valentine's Day Edition

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Check out the Valentine's Day edition of "The Two Man Game" with myself and Mark Ennis tonight from 7-9. You can catch the show on ESPN Radio 680 AM or streaming live on

Tonight, ESPN's Andrea Adelson will join us at 7:30 to talk about West Virginia's exodus from the Big East and what it means for the rest of the conference. And then The Daily's Dan Wolken will be back on at 8 to talk some U of L and general college basketball. Obviously, we'll also be spending a significant amount of time breaking down last night's game and looking ahead to DePaul Day Dos: Más Victoria.


Neglect your loved ones and tune in. We all know you and I have been together longer and that what we have is far more real.

He/she can't do that know.......YOU KNOW.

All right, I'll see you at 7.