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Charlie Strong To Address Future Thursday Morning

We will (probably) know by tomorrow morning whether or not Charlie Strong will be Louisville's head football coach in 2013.

Andy Lyons

After a full day of news, rumors, speculation and pure madness, we have...more waiting.

The Louisville football team held a meeting today at 4:30 following their scheduled 3:45 workout. Charlie Strong (who somehow managed to escape the sight of 25 media members waiting outside) showed up late to the meeting, and reportedly did not tell the players anything about his future. He did, however, tell them that they would be meeting Thursday morning at 7:30.

When the dust settled, Scout's Jason Higdon reported that Strong would be meeting with the team at 7:30 and then the media at 8.

This was good news, since the next time a head coach holds a press conference at the school he's leaving to announce that he's leaving will be the the first time a head coach holds a press conference at the school he's leaving to announce that he's leaving. But then U of L SID Kenny Klein told the C-J's Adam Himmelsbach that there is no press conference scheduled for tomorrow morning or any other time.

If that weren't enough, there's a report from a Knoxville news station claiming Strong is on his way to Knoxville in a plane and will be the next Tennessee head coach. I'm not linking it because it's littered with inaccuracies.

And then there's this...

Except now Hyams is saying that after he was told Strong was staying, UT came back with a huge counter-offer.


I just...I just can't anymore...I just can't do it. I need Chinese food and a mindless movie.

The reason, I believe, for all the wild and conflicting reports is that nothing as of right now has been decided. Charlie Strong has offers (and counter-offers, and counter-offers) from both schools, and he hasn't made a decision yet.

Could that decision be made and leaked tonight? Possibly. Will erroneous and half-true reports of that decision be posted tonight? That's a given.

I don't know what else to tell you. I've stopped trying to gain a handle on what Charlie Strong is going to do, and I've definitely stopped listening to people trying to tell me what they think Charlie Strong is going to do.

It's one of the biggest decisions of Strong's life and I understand that he needs and deserves time to think on it, but I just want this to be over. Pretty sure that's not a minority opinion.