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Report: Tennessee Has Offered Mike Gundy Its Head Coaching Job

Brett Deering

UPDATE: Mike Gundy has reportedly turned down Tennessee

Tennessee has offered is head coaching job to Mike Gundy, according to Bruce Feldman of CBS.

This news comes less than 24 hours after numerous reports had named Louisville's Charlie Strong as Tennessee's top candidate to replace the fired Derek Dooley.

A lot of people considered/consider Gundy a longshot to leave Oklahoma State, a place where he played quarterback and has been a coach since 2001. Despite the deep roots, he and athletic director Mike Holder have been dealing with a fractured relationship for months now. Things have gotten so bad that it certainly seems plausible he could bolt from Stillwater for another gig, especially an SEC gig.

If this happens it'll be the second best thing Mike Gundy has done for be...after the rant, of course.

Definitely not out of the woods yet, but someone other than Strong receiving the first public confirmation of an offer is certainly a positive, especially after the way things were sounding about 16 hours ago.