Strong to Tennessee?

News of Charlie Strong going to the Vols is heating up! ESPN is reporting he is the number one candidate for the vacant head coaching position for the University of Tennessee. I just hope Charlie wasn't preparing us with the old "It's not me it's you." during his press conference when he decried the lack of support for Louisville football.

I know Jurich will do everything he can to keep Charlie so nothing is set in stone yet. I just hope Charlie remembers who gave him his shot and how bright the future is with our beloved Cards.

I believe, given stability, time, and demonstrated toughness and grit on the football field, our program can become the stuff of legends. We need a coach who believes too.

On a personal note, I've already invested close to $2000.00 to attend the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. If that is not supporting my team I don't know what is. Don't disappoint this young team coach! I cannot imagine the team will play very well in the biggest game of their lives if they know their coach is leaving or is indeed not even on the sideline during the game.

My gut tells me Charlie plans to stay at Louisville, but will use this offer to better his position both financially and facilities-wise. I think when he said, and I paraphrase, "I will say that when the time is right" he was telegraphing his plan to use the offer as leverage before ultimately deciding to stay put. I don't believe he would abandon these players or lie to recruits. He is not cut that way.

Go Cards! Phuc Tennessee! Beat Florida!