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2013 Sugar Bowl: The War Of Words Between Louisville And Florida Heats Up

Credit to our man Ian Klarer for the awesome cover art.

I'll have more on yesterday's game as soon as I get a chance to finish rewatching it, but it's time to start making the necessary (but awesome) transition from Beat Kentucky Mode to Sugar Bowl Mode.

This should help speed up that process.

When asked if he thought Florida was going to do to Louisville what the Gators did to an unprepared Cincinnati team three years ago (a 51-24 dismantling), UF tight end Omarius Hines did not mince words.

"We're going to do the same thing to them," Hines said. "We're going to do the same thing to them. I just know we're gonna win."

It's a stance with which Cardinal defensive end Lorenzo Mauldin takes issue.

"I didn't see that (2010 Sugar Bowl) game," Mauldin said. "But if it's a blowout and Louisville and Florida is in that thing, it's going to be Louisville doing the blowing out."

Tip of the cap to Lefkoe for getting in there and stirring the pot.