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Red V. Blue Documentary Releases First Trailer

With the annual rivalry game between Louisville and Kentucky now less than a day away, the folks behind the "Red V. Blue" project have released their first trailer for the full-length documentary.

Here's a little more information on the documentary from the official Red v. Blue website:

Red V. Blue is a documentary about the Louisville-Kentucky college basketball rivalry, two schools separated by less than 60 miles. From the storied 1983 Dream Game to the legislation passed in its wake that mandated the annual clash, Red V. Blue details the extraordinary circumstances that helped create one of the nation's fiercest college rivalries.

In addition to interviews with legendary coaches Denny Crum and Joe B. Hall, Red V. Blue includes press conferences with coaches Rick Pitino and John Calapari, as well as in-depth interviews with the voice of the Wildcats Tom Leach, sports writer Pat Forde, Card Chronicle's Mike Rutherford and Kentucky Sports Radio personality, Matt Jones.

I said the F word during my interview. I did.