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It's All About The Benavides

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Mario Benavides makes his surprising contribution to the 'NOW That's What I Call Cardinal Music' Collection


'It's All About The Benavides' is the second release in the collection of 'NOW That's What I Call Cardinal Music'.


For a refresher on what we are doing, read: Fat Wayne - Curves for Men


Mario Benavides might be playing his final college football game in New Orleans on January 2nd, but Sugar, he’s going down singing. His newest release, ‘It’s All About The Benavides’ take inspiration from those men he is closest to. After breaking onto the scene as a Texas boy, with country in his heart, he brings us a new-look sound resultant of getting uniquely close to Teddy Bridgewater. Through immaculate infection, Mario now crosses the line into gangster rap. In ‘It’s All About the Benavides’, Mario throws a block party and he’s the center of attention. While the urban influence is abundantly apparent, Mario has also seen a little sunshine in his life. Will Stein brings the Caucasian persuasion that illicit such Americana as Bob Dylan, Toto and Brian Wilson’s classic ‘Double Nickel’.

Warning: This CD is full of offensive lines


  1. On My Block - Scarface
  2. Double Nickel - Brian Wilson
  3. Cross That Line - Rick Ross
  4. Offensive Lines - Slaine
  5. Beef - Mos Def
  6. My Block - 2Pac
  7. Lord Protect My Child - Bob Dylan
  8. The Block is Hot - Lil' Wayne
  9. Center of the Stage - T-Pain
  10. To Protect and Entertain - Busy P
  11. Twitter That - Slim Dunkin
  12. Hold The Line - Toto
  13. Boom - Mario feat. Juvenile
  14. Protect Ya Neck - Wu Tang Clan
  15. Hit 'Em Up Style - 2Pac
  16. Slight Work - Wale
  17. Hold the Line - Major Lazer


"I would not let my kids listen to this"

- Steve Kragthorpe

"My parents would not let me listen to this"

- Adam Lefkoe

" Mario only makes big plays in ‘It’s All About the Benavides"

- Senorise Perry

"Mario touched my heart on Song 10, 31 seconds in."

- George W. Bush

"If the same thing was done for me, y’all would’ve had to listen to Brian Brohm’s favorite LFO and O-town songs."

- Eric Wood