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Bob Valvano Recovering After Suffering Heart Attack

U of L basketball analyst Bob Valvano, who earlier this week was named Best National Radio Voice by Sports Illustrated, suffered a heart attack at Louisville International Airport on Thursday. He is currently recovering at Jewish Hospital.

Valvano posted this on his Facebook page early Friday morning.

I am at Jewish Hospital and will be for a few days.

I had a heart attack.
I was walking through airport in Louisville, heading to security checkpoint, and this "acid teflux" was a bit too strong. I tried to wait for it to pass, but it got worse and worse.

So I called 9-1-1, a fellow passenger was a cardiologist and stayed until help came.

They took me here. Told me quietly but surely I was having heart attack.
They took me to the cath lab, and found one vein 100% blocked.
They did a procedure to open it up, drugged me mightily, and here I am, a heart patient.
(I also have another vein blocked a small amount and they wanted to clear it, but I got "restless " they said on the table. I wouldn't know...I remember none of it.

So no UCONN game Friday or UofL- WKU Saturday.
Just here...grateful for the care, a little uneasy, and waiting for chest pain to disappear.
I cant even think of a funny parting line...

Today I had a heart attack.

Best wishes to Bob on a speedy and complete recovery. Our thoughts are with him and his family.