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Papa John's Helps Provide Discounted Sugar Bowl Tickets

A message from U of L:

Cardinal Fans,

We are happy to announce that one of our longtime sponsors, Papa John's has stepped up to the plate and to ensure that we can take the Crunch Zone to the Superdome and have the same intimidating atmosphere that we have at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. They are donating money to help us offset the cost of our remaining 600 level ticket allotment! With their generous donation, we can now offer tickets to our fans for $65!

We have also teamed up with military and charitable organizations in the New Orleans area, so for those of you who cannot make the trip, you can purchase a ticket and donate it to a soldier or an area youth in New Orleans. This ticket donation will be tax deductible. We have made this offer easy to fulfill, just go to, click on the Tickets Tab and select My Cardinal Account. Log in with your existing account or create a new one. Buy a ticket for yourself at the sponsor discount price or click donate to military or donate to charity! If you select donate to military or a charity, we will distribute your ticket to the appropriate groups.

As always we appreciate your support of Cardinal Athletics!