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The Night Teddy Bridgewater Wore The Card Chronicle Bird Mask

It happened.

"Do not applaud me. It is not I who speaks to you, but history which speaks through (Teddy Bridgewater) --Fustel de Coulanges/Mike Rutherford

Every so often, a moment comes along that you don't have the words for. It trumps the collection of your past experiences and laughs hysterically at the mere thought of you attempting to capture it.

Such is a situation like the one we all face tonight, the night...Teddy Bridgewater wore the Card Chronicle Bird Mask.

The hero of the evening...well, besides Teddy...and the mask, I guess. Let's start again.

The third hero of the evening is the soon-to-be legendary Cody McCloskey, who brought the bird mask to tonight's team autograph session and documented the unbelievable sequence of events that followed.

According to Cody, his lone intention was to have Teddy autograph the mask. Instead, the 2013 Heisman hopeful asked if he could put it on and pose for a picture.

I don't think Cody's response needs to be documented.


It seemed like this was the end of an already amazing story, as Cody made his way down the line to the rest of the players. But just then, a C-A-R-D-S cheer was started by the Ladybirds, and Teddy asked if he could don the mask once more and join in on the fun.

Here's what happened:






As Teddy handed the mask back, he said that he had "always wanted to wear one of these," and wanted one for himself.

Oh, and he went ahead and signed the mask, too.


This is the night the shift happened. This is the night Louisville fans bought into the the belief that the Cardinal football team could defeat Florida, win the Sugar Bowl, and emerge as a national power.

All joking aside, how awesome is Teddy Bridgewater?