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Louisville Learns Its 2013 Big East Football Schedule

The 2013 Cardinals home football schedule is going to be ugly.

Rich Schultz

For the first time since Louisville joined the conference in 2005, the schedule for each Big East team will be comprised of eight games next season. The 12-team league will also hold a conference championship game featuring its East and West division winners.

With Louisville leaving for the ACC in 2014, it couldn't have expected the league to do it any favors. The Big East followed suit by sending the Cards out West to face Boise State, the team that figures to be the most likely to challenge U of L for the league crown.

Louisville will also play road games at Connecticut, South Florida and traditional rival Cincinnati. U of L's 2013 Big East home schedule will be comprised of Central Florida, Rutgers, Memphis and San Diego State.

So basically, Cardinal fans are staring down a home schedule of UCF, Memphis, Ohio, San Diego State, Florida International, Eastern Kentucky and Rutgers.

My excitement isn't going to force me to lose any sleep during the summer.

Still, it's more than worth keeping your season tickets when you look at the lineup coming to PJCS in 2014. You have Kentucky, potentially Cincinnati (if the series stays alive), and you have ACC games against Florida State, Georgia Tech, NC State and Wake Forest. That's awfully good already.

Here are the full Big East slates for 2013:



Home: Connecticut, Houston, Rutgers, USF

Away: Cincinnati, Louisville, SMU, Temple


Home: Boise State, UCF, Connecticut, Louisville

Away: Memphis, Rutgers, San Diego State, USF


Home: Louisville, Rutgers, San Diego State, USF

Away: UCF, Cincinnati, SMU, Temple


Home: UCF, Memphis, Rutgers, San Diego State

Away: Boise State, Cincinnati, Connecticut, USF


Home: Cincinnati, Houston, USF, Temple

Away: Boise State, UCF, Connecticut, Louisville


Home: Cincinnati, Louisville, Memphis, SMU

Away: UCF, Connecticut, Houston, Rutgers


Boise State

Home: Houston, Louisville, Memphis, Rutgers

Away: Cincinnati, San Diego State, SMU, Temple


Home: Memphis, San Diego State, SMU, USF

Away: Boise State, UCF, Rutgers, Temple


Home: Cincinnati, San Diego State, SMU, Temple

Away: Boise State, Houston, Louisville, USF

San Diego St.

Home: Boise State, Cincinnati, SMU, Temple

Away: Connecticut, Houston, Louisville, Memphis


Home: Boise State, UCF, Connecticut, Temple

Away: Houston, Memphis, San Diego State, USF


Home: Boise State, Houston, UCF, Connecticut

Away: Memphis, Rutgers, San Diego State, SMU