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Louisville 45, Temple 17: A 20 Tweet Review

This week's football game review gets brief...Twitter brief.

Andy Lyons

Some unexpected events prevented me from writing an extended post about Louisville's 45-17 win over Temple, I'm not willing to let it float away like a sandwich bag into a creek that I still feel bad about 22 years later.

Since most of us have (rightly) shifted our focus to Saturday's showdown with Syracuse, let's review the Temple game in the most compact and Internet-appropriate fashion possible: through tweets.

Here are 20 blurbs about the game that are all 140 characters or less.

DeVante Parker has been so good recently, but what about Andrell Smith? #NFLBody #Pooda

Best game of the year from the offensive line. Big boys need love too.

Special teams WILL absolutely cost us a game if they don't improve. Bunched kickoff needs to go.


Tailgated with Art Carmody. Apparently his brother Drake got all the height. #Blurry #NeedNewPhone #Razr


Also, this is the first game in three years that Art has attended where we won.

Titus Teague was injured on the third kickoff of the game and eventually taken back to the locker room. I didn't cry.


The tweets and texts about the national Bird Mask shoutouts made the afternoon that much better.


Didn't wear the good luck poncho into game. Debated going back to car after the opening kickoff.

Gaps on defense are still abysmal. Anyone can run up the gut on us right now.

That's the Jeremy Wright we need every week. Perry running almost too patiently right now.

More like Hubbell Rocket Ship. #BreakawaySpeed.

Our kickoff team doesn't sprint down the field. It's bizarre. And again, the bunched formation needs to go.


I'm glad the ABC mic clearly picked up the most annoying U of L fan ever all day on Sat. #SellYourTickets.

Bold Prediction Disaster 2012 continues.

Seriously, does anyone know if Titus is all right?