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Report: Charlie Strong Has Interviewed At Auburn

According to a report out of Birmingham, Charlie Strong has interviewed for the head coaching position at Auburn.

Andy Lyons

And the rollercoaster continues.

The Birmingham News is reporting that Auburn has interviewed Louisville's Charlie Strong about potentially filling its head coaching vacancy.

The publication cites a source "familiar with the process" as saying that the interview took place some time over the past two days.

Auburn is looking to replace Gene Chizik, who was fired after going 0-8 in the SEC and 3-9 overall this season. The report also names former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino, Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher, Arkansas State coach Gus Malzahn, TCU coach Gary Patterson, Boise State coach Chris Peersen and Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart as other candidates.

Well, this was just about the last thing we needed right now.

Let's look at this optimistically for a second: if the interview took place "some time over the past two days," there's a very real chance that it happened before Louisville's conference situation was improved. Maybe his mindset now isn't what it was then. And then of course there's always the possibility (read: hope) that this is a bogus report.

If the report is accurate, let's not act like it isn't a little bit of a blow for our head coach to interview for another job days before his team plays for a conference championship. It also hurts that this is Auburn doing the courting, a road Louisville already has painful memories from being drug down eight years ago.

Here's hoping the promises to Teddy Bridgewater and the "I'm not cut like that" talk ultimately win out and this is nothing to freak out over.