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Report: Louisville One Vote Shy Of Landing ACC Invite

Be still, my heart. We've been through this before.

Andy Lyons

National sportswriter Mark Blaudschun is reporting that Louisville is a single vote shy of receiving the 3/4 approval necessary to warrant an invitation to the ACC.


This falls in line with earlier reports that Louisville had pulled ahead of Connecticut in the race to become the ACC's newest member.

There are 11 ACC voting members, which means Louisville needs nine votes to hit 3/4. Now nothing official (or unofficial) has been released about which schools are voting a certain way, but the overwhelming word (INTERNET REPORT!) is that Duke, Wake Forest, Virginia and North Carolina are the four league members who have been against U of L at various points during the realignment discussions.

Since we don't know for sure who we need to be sucking up to, let's make a pitch to all four.

To Duke: Did you not enjoy Saturday night? Wasn't that f---ing awesome? Wouldn't you enjoy more moments in the national spotlight like that? Also, you kind of screwed us on that whole football contract a few years back. Do us a solid and we'll call it even.

To North Carolina: We have history. Four football games over the past decade, and you've beaten us twice in the Elite Eight since 1996. I went to Chapel Hill for the game last year and I saw the way all of you looked at me. Let's stop acting like there's nothing here.

To Wake Forest: Seriously? Still mad about '06? We were in Miami, man. We lived it up. It's just that one of us had to win when all was said and done. You still got a movie out of the whole deal. Sure, no one's ever heard of it, but still...a movie, man.

To Virginia: Whatever, I'm not sucking up to you. You're just trying to look cool. Kick rocks.

To all four of you: Just tell me when and where you want me to come perform. Six bars of "A Whole New World" and we both know Louisville is going to be the newest member of the ACC. Let's just get it over with.