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Teddy Bridgewater Will Play On Thursday Night Against Rutgers

A hobbled Teddy Bridgewater will be on the field as Louisville looks to knock off Rutgers and earn a spot in he BCS on Thursday night.


Despite a broken left wrist and a sprained right ankle, Teddy Bridgewater will take the field for Louisville on Thursday night when the Cards play at Rutgers with a conference championship and a spot in the BCS on the line.

"He says he can play, we're going to let him play," head coach Charlie Strong said during his weekly press conference. "Teddy is very tough and is a competitor and we know we'll be able to go with him."

Strong added that because of Bridgewater's wrist injury, any snaps from under center will be taken by backup QB Will Stein. If both quarterbacks were to get hurt during the game, Strong says the team would be forced to put a wide receiver in at QB and run nothing but the Wildcat.

Rutgers' front seven is extremely aggressive and loves to put pressure on opposing quarterbacks. It's a game plan that will likely be ratcheted up even more with Bridgewater hobbled.