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Maryland Officially Headed To The Big Ten, Rutgers Likely To Follow


Rob Carr

The powers that be at Maryland will be holding a 2:30 press conference to announce that they are leaving the ACC to Join the Big Ten Conference.

Maryland President Wallace Loh explains why.

"I did it to guarantee the long-term future of Maryland athletics," university President Wallace Loh told The Diamondback of the decision to move. "No future president will have to worry about cutting teams or that Maryland athletics will be at risk."

"[The Big Ten] is going national because of a phenomenon," he said. "Attendance among college-aged students is dropping. The reason is because this generation is completely wired, and they are getting their education and entertainment on tablets and mobile devices. Everyone thinks you make your money in seats. You make it on eyeballs on a screen."

With the inevitable addition of Rutgers coming, the Big Ten will expand to 14 members. The ACC, meanwhile, will need to add a member in order to have 14 teams for football. There's been nothing said officially, but early reports indicate that Connecticut is the favorite to fill that void.

Things are about to get...scary and not fun.