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An Update On The Rick Pitino Horse Stable

From CC thoroughbred racing correspondent Carly Kaiser:

Gorgui has been at Churchill Downs since the beginning of November, and most recently on the 14th he worked 4F in 50.40. Most likely will race at Churchill before closing weekend, but don't hold your breath.

Siva, also at Churchill, was on the track Friday morning going 5F in about 1:03.2. On November 9, Siva was the slowest horse of the day (out of 40) at 5F going 1:04.6. That's not always a bad sign, trainers may not want an all out work.

Russdiculous is still at Hollywood, and has not worked out since his last race.

After his acting up in the Breeders' Cup Juvenile Sprint, the horse South Floyd also has not been on the track since that race.

As an aside, furlongs are 1/8 of a mile. (KY Derby is a mile and a quarter, so it is 10F).

To get a gauge on the times, the rule of thumb is 12 seconds per furlong.

1F: 12
2F: 24
3F: 36
4F: 48
5F: 1:00
6F: 1:12
7F: 1:24
Mile: 1:36
9F: 1:48
10F: 2:00

Obviously the longer the distance, the more likely they are to go slower. Its very unlikely for a horse to run the Derby in 2:00 flat. The record is 1:59 2/5! But in workouts that are under 6F, it's normally a pretty alright gauge.

Still want all three in the Derby.