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Rick Pitino Discusses Recruiting Class Of 2013

For a second I thought he was wearing the hooded warm-up, and I got more excited than I'd care to admit.

A few highlights:

--They really needed to bring in a talented offensive class, and they believe they've done that.

--Terry Rozier is a top 20 player in the country, regardless of what the rankings say. Anyone who can score 50 points in a game is a special player.

--Akoy Agau is an extremely talented big man with a terrific attitude. Once he saw him play he could understand why Georgetown wanted him so badly.

--Anton Gill will be relied on right away. He's a great combination of skill and attitude and he should fit in terrifically here.

--He believes Chris Jones is the best backcourt recruit in the country. He's different than any guard I've coached. He's a prolific scorer, a Bulldog defender and he's built like Taquan Dean. He's one of the best point guards I've ever recruited.

--Our backcourt is pretty much set for the next few years.