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Louisville Basketball Team Celebrates Birthday At Lazer Blaze

The U of L basketball team gives us reason 4,367 why they are the most fun sports team in America to follow.

Monday afternoon we learned via director of video operations Doug Davenport that the Louisville basketball team had decided to celebrate freshman Mangok Mathiang's birthday at one of the best b-day venues in the city.

For the unaware, Lazer Blaze is a laser tag venue in St. Matthews. It housed the absolute best birthday parties of my childhood (you didn't go toe-to-toe with "Bulldog" in the arena and come out with a top five score), and to be honest I've been adamant about my desire to go back for about the past decade.

Needless to say I'm more than a little bit jealous of these guys tonight.


Picturing Rick Pitino sitting down and watching the instructional video while wearing one of those vests is an image I won't soon forget, and I'm happy about that.

This is seriously the easiest time ever to be a Louisville basketball fan.