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CBS College Hoops Writers Love Louisville In 2012-13

Four of the five CBS college basketball experts are picking Louisville to make a return trip to the Final Four this season, and one of them is taking the Cards to win the whole thing.

Chris Trotman - Getty Images

Jeff Goodman's had a good year around these parts.

In January he appeared as a guest on "The 2 Man Game" and apologized for never making good on the prize he owed me, and also swore to make up for it eventually. A couple months later he (again) apologized for making fun of Louisville fans for their initial excitement over the eligibility of Gorgui Dieng and also admitted that he'd been a bit too hard on the Cards earlier in the season. The positive vibes then made their way into the offseason where, for the first time since its inception in 2007, Goodman did not appear in the Card Chronicle Least Cool Person Tournament.

But apparently none of that was enough for Jeff, who today went on the record with his prediction that the 2012-13 Louisville Cardinals will win the national championship.

Here are the Final Four and national championship picks for Goodman and the other four members of the CBS college basketball team:



The only member of the CBS staff not sending the Cards to Atlanta is Matt Norlander, who I really like, but who also picked the Cards to lose to Davidson in the Round of 64 last year.

Also, c'mon Parrish.