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Card Chronicle Poll: Which Louisville Football Player Has the Best Twitter Account?

Social media has brought the average fan much closer to their favorite athletes. Louisville's football team is full of characters that don't mind taking to Twitter to let us in on their every thought. But which player has the best Twitter account?

Jamie Rhodes-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Twitter has changed sports reporting and the fan experience a lot over the last handful of years. Access to athletes is at an all-time high and college athletes are probably the most accessible. As fans we like following Louisville players to get a sense of their personalities, to converse with them, or to maybe get a little inside info from time to time.

Some of the guys tend to use Twitter to keep in touch with friends from home. Some use it to flirt with girls. But to me the best are the guys that use it to talk trash to their teammates. The theme of trash talk right now is NBA 2K13. Some guys have gotten into hot water by tweeting things that are potentially offensive or vulgar, but for the most part these guys have been entertaining and have been great with interacting with fans.

But the question is: Which player has the best account?

Is it Andrew Johnson because of his offseason trashing of UK? How about Mario Benavides because he interacts with fans and has a silly sense of humor? Maybe you like cartoons like Hakeem Smith. I don't know but it'd be nice to find out.

Feel free to throw some superlatives out in the comments. "Funniest", "Best Retweeter", "Most Random", "Most Boring", "Which guy gets called into HCCS' office the most", etc. Have some fun with it.