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Friday Morning Cardinal News And Notes

It had apparently always been Jayden Mae Bradford's dream to get all dolled up in her Cardinal cheerleader outfit and meet the Cardinal Bird. Not only did she make it happen, but she absolutely nailed the picture to make sure the positive vibes would last a lifetime. Everyone make sure to email Louie and ask where he got those Cardinal gloves.

Bye week spread check: Lethargic Syracuse Ballboy by 3.

Some better looks at the new basketball jerseys:



We've talked before about how Quentin Snider plays like a college point guard, but doesn't quite look like a college point guard physically. It's something that the class of 2014 U of L commit is well aware of and has been working on.

"I've been working on my body," he said.

During a team workout this month, Snider looked noticeably stouter than he did in the summer, but he was still showcasing the shooting, dribbling and passing skills that have made him the state's highest-ranked college prospect.

He delivered a couple of highlight-reel alley-oops to athletic senior guard Lavonne Holland, who'll pair with him to give Ballard one of the state's most dynamicbackcourts.

"The biggest thing Q needed to address for his improvement was strength," Ballard coach Chris Renner said. "He's done a good job of becoming more athletic. He's very skilled, but to be able to play at that high major (college) level, you've got to be stronger. He's been committed to getting in the weight room, dieting properly. I think it's showing in how he's playing. I think he's playing stronger."

Via TKE1191ax, a Block Party candidate (good God that's bad) emerges from the shadows.


There's still time to sign up for Saturday's Climb Strong event to fight cystic fibrosis, which will be taking place at 6 p.m. inside PJCS.

C.L. Brown continues going one-on-one with Louisville's newbies, this time sitting down with Montrezl Harrell.

Here's the transcript if you're in a place where you can't watch videos. Like church. Don't watch videos in church.

We need to just go ahead and face facts: Kentucky's 2013 class is going to be comprised of (at least) the Harrison twins, Andrew Wiggins and Julius Randle. That could very well be the best recruiting class in the history of college basketball.

Winning a national championship this season would be very nice.

WDRB with some interesting numbers on Louisville's lack of fourth quarter passing this season.

This stat doesn't mean much, because it's purely circumstantial (and one of the big circumstances has been playing in flooding-monsoon conditions the past two games). But the 'Book is going to note anyway that if you were playing against the University of Louisville football team in the fourth quarter during non-conference play, you could feel pretty safe dropping the safeties down to help against the runs.

In five games, U of L has thrown only 18 fourth-quarter passes this season and completed only eight, for a total of 35 yards. And better than half of those yards came on one 18-yard completion.

The Cards rank No. 121 in the nation in fourth-quarter passing (out of 124 teams).

It's not surprising, given that the Cards were protecting big leads in a couple of those games and dealing with extraordinary weather in two others.

According to, Rick Pitino and company offered 2014 Lincoln (NY) guard Isaiah Whitehead a scholarship on Thursday.

If you think this is bad, you should see the subsequent tweets where he defends himself.


I won't give an unabashed bigot more time than he deserves, but suffice it to say he attempted to utilize the "so am I a racist if I think Joker Phillips deserves to be fired?" defense.

WHAS has confirmed that they will be televising U of L's second Red/White scrimmage, which is set to take place on Sunday, Oct. 21.

Adrian Bushell is one of the candidates for the Paul Hornung Award fan vote. You can cast your ballot for him right here.

Samardo Samuels talks about being in better shape and what he expects out of his third season with the Cleveland Cavaliers (video).

I'm really looking forward to a good weekend of football (and Reds baseball) with the full knowledge that my favorite team is unbeaten and will remain unbeaten for at least another week. It's a lot like when the Cards win their first game in the NCAA Tournament and you get to spend that next Friday or Saturday just watching basketball with a giant smile on you face and a feeling of extreme satisfaction.

Things are good.

It's officially October and the kids are already in the proper spirit.


I still laugh every time I think about everyone in PJCS wearing one of these for the Cincinnati game and no one saying a single word the entire time. It's the greatest/creepiest idea ever.

To answer a handful of emails at once, Teddy Bridgewater does not have a Facebook or Twitter account. Any account you follow or are friends with are fake.

The U of L sport event management class is putting together a charity golf event on October 22nd at Persimmon Ridge. This is a student run event with all of the profits going directly to the Metro United Way.

Participants in the event will receive:

-18 holes at Persimmon Ridge Golf Course (cart included)
-Free lunch from Puccinis
-Free dinner from Aspen Creek
-Golf balls, golf tees, and $10 to Golf Galaxy
-A door prize valued at $25 or greater

For more information go to or call Pete Cautilli at (502) 759-5999

I really don't like Mr. Tumnus from The Chronicles of Narnia. Don't ask me to justify this.

Former Card Austin Berry is a top candidate for MLS Rookie of the Year, an honor which has now landed him on a box of Life cereal.


Trinity's James Quick and Jason Hatcher will both be visiting Ohio State on Saturday. I have no doubt they'll enjoy themselves, I just hope they're smart enough to realize that this one night isn't real life.

It's a huge weekend for the Louisville field hockey team, which will be hosting both No. 3 Connecticut and No. 11 Iowa. The Cards have lost two straight and currently sit with a 7-5 overall record and a 1-1 mark in the Big East.

The defending Big East champion Cardinal softball team will be putting a bow on its fall season this Saturday.

And finally, Jason Kirk joins those who believe Charlie Strong would be foolish to consider leaving Louisville for Arkansas after this season.

Nothing good happens when they go, Charlie...nothing ever good happens when they go.