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Enter To Win The Card Chronicle Halloween Contest

It's the start of the holiday season and I'm in the giving spirit.

The winner of the 2012 CC Halloween Contest will receive both a limited addition infra-red Louisville cap from New Era Atlanta, and a Smack Apparel Teddy Bridgewater-themed shirt.



For an extra three bucks I'll autograph the shirt. For an extra five bucks I won't autograph the shirt.

Anyway, here are the questions you need to answer in the comments section in order to enter the contest. You must enter your submission before tip-off against Pikeville to be eligible.

1. Who will lead Louisville in scoring against Pikeville?

2. Will Drew Deener refer to Elisha Justice as the "Hottest Male Athlete in the World" (or a close variation)?

3. Will Russ Smith dunk in the game?

4. Will Tim Henderson score in the game?

5. Who will hit the most 3-pointers for Louisville against Pikeville?

6. Will the Cards defeat Pikeville by more than 20 points?

Tiebreaker: Name the total number of points scored in the Louisville/Pikeville game.

Good luck to all.