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Tuesday Evening Cardinal News And Notes

This young man enjoys Louisville sports and accurate statements written on chalkboards.

Steve Adazio has adopted the familiar "huge challenge but we're happy about it" battle cry heading into this weekend's game in The Oven.

"We got a tremendous challenge," Owls coach Steve Addazio said Monday. "But, you know, as I told our team yesterday, ‘You wouldn't want it any other way.'

"The best thing we can do is get on the road, go play Louisville, go play against all odds, and let's just lay it all on the line. And that's what we are going to do."

Rick Pitino announced on his radio show tonight that Chane Behanan will be suspended for both exhibition games, and not just the Pikeville tilt as previously stated. He added that Behanan could still earn a starting spot for the season-opener against Manhattan.

If that weren't enough, Kevin Ware has also been suspended for the Pikeville game.

A little Ted art for your Halloween Eve night:


Jeff Walz received some good news in the afternoon on Tuesday when he received a commitment from coveted recruit Alexis Montgomery. He then got some not so good news a few hours later when Mercedes Russell, the No. 1 player in the class of 2013, picked Tennessee over the Cards.

Speaking of the women's basketball team, they will begin this season ranked No. 9 in both major polls.

Temple star Montel Harris says Saturday's game is a must-win for the Owls.
Leading rusher Montel Harris, who ran 18 times for 72 yards and a 14-yard touchdown, said the latest defeat was especially damaging to the team's hopes of competing for the Big East crown. Temple fell two games back of first-place Rutgers, which has a bye this week.

"Yes, this game was a must-win," Harris said. "We weren't able to come out with the win and are just looking to come back for next week."

Ken Pomeroy has Louisville at No. 8 in his preseason rankings for 2012-13. Kentucky is his early pick to win the national title.

A source tells me that Terrence Williams is flying to China tomorrow to begin his new professional career overseas. Williams has reportedly signed a contract that will pay him around $700,000, and he will receive a $250,000 bonus if his team wins the league championship.

That is more money than I will be making this year. Still not a bad life.

ESPN's Tom Luginbill now has Teddy Bridgewater at No. 3 in his current Heisman rankings.


I'm telling you, if Louisville wins these next four games and Teddy continues to produce - which logic tells you he'd have to do for the Cards to win out - I truly think it's more likely than not that he'll wind up being invited to New York. He'd have no real shot at winning the actual award, but it would still be an incredible night.

If Teddy does wind up as a Heisman Trophy finalist, it will make the fact that he's not even a SEMIfinalist for the Maxwell Award that much more laughable.

You're a joke, Mark Wolpert. I have no idea who you are or what you actually do, but you're a joke.

U of L will reportedly be replacing the field turf at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium before the 2013 season. Good news because it was just starting to look a little bit worn.

A great story from ESPN's Rick Reilly on former Card and...well, current Card, William Gay.

The venerable EDSBS says Louisville's win over Cincinnati was the best game of week nine.

Bovada has released its odds to win the 2012-13 college basketball national title, and surprisingly has Kentucky as its 6/1 favorite. Indiana is the second choice at 7/1, with Louisville following them at 17/2.

In an effort to get Teddy Bridgewater's name out some more, the U of L marketing team sent Football Writers Association of America members the following poster along with two pieces of bubble gum.


Not surprisingly, people were confused.

When your goal is to better educate people about a player they're not too familiar with, playing off of pretty esoteric personal story probably isn't the best move. If the story were better known nationally then I'd be all for it.

Some really good footage of Terrell Floyd and Andrell Smith celebrating with the crowd after the Cincinnati win (video).

Sports Illustrated picks the Cards to win the Big East and tabs Peyton Siva as its conference Player of the Year.

SI's Dave Greene wonders if Wayne Blackshear can deliver on the promise he showed last season.

But more important for Pitino -- who, it should be noted, has stressed keeping his players humble this preseason -- is what Blackshear has that the others do not: body fat. "Most of our guys are in tremendous condition," says Pitino, pointing out that Blackshear's body fat percentage is about a point lower than the team's 10-percent requirement rather than four or five points lower like many teammates'. "[Blackshear] doesn't have the explosiveness that the other guys have. It's just gonna take some time."

Blackshear has had an ongoing battle with his body. Last October's labrum tear marked the first inauspicious event of his Louisville tenure, but he came to school with similar baggage, having injured his other shoulder seven months earlier. He'd dislocated the joint late in his senior season, played a spell in the 2011 McDonald's All-American game despite the weakened arm, then had surgery to clean out bone chips. Shortly thereafter was when the trouble with the rest of his body began. Unable to play that summer and swamped with work to ensure his college eligibility, workouts drifted out of his schedule and he quickly drifted out of shape. "I guess I was just sitting around eating all day," he remembers, laughing.

That's our F Dub.

Champions of the Big East's Red Division, Louisville will host a Big East Tournament quarterfinal match on Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. inside Cardinal Park. Admission will be free for anyone with a U of L/Temple football ticket.

All ponchos should be sold with the CC Bird Mask as an attached hood.


A single fifth-place vote has Teddy Bridgewater back in ESPN's Heisman Watch.

The U of L women's soccer team suffered a heartbreaking loss to South Florida over the weekend in their first game of the Big East Tournament. After a scoreless regulation and two overtime periods, the Cards were topped in penalty picks. Louisville now finds itself squarely on the NCAA Tournament bubble and will have to sit around and wait for a week before finding out its fate.

My oldest brother recently went to England to watch 4-year-old superhorse Frankel run, and wrote a piece for The New York Times about his experience.

If you're wondering whether or not I'm bitter about my lawyer brother writing stories for the NYT while I'm here scribing for the Hot Hots of the world for no money, the answer is yes, I'm incredibly bitter and I plan on poisoning every piece of candy I hand out tomorrow night.

Not really. But seriously I hate you, Hot Hot.

Louisville has rediscovered the big play at home recently.

Big plays got the Cardinals back into the discussion against Cincinnati, and the last five games for that fact, as the Cardinals have had to come back in each of the last five victories. Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and wide receiver DeVante Parker have been the two biggest reasons, but head coach Charlie Strong thinks that confidence plays a big part in the Cardinals ability to come back and make big plays.

"That goes back to just the confidence of the team," said Strong. "They believe in one another. When you look at our offense; when you have a quarterback like Bridgewater and you have the receivers like Andrell (Smith), DeVante (Parker), and you look at (Damian) Copeland, we have players that can make plays. I always tell our receivers that I have yet to see a receiver take a slant or take a hitch and go score."

Parker made a juggling catch in the end zone to tie the score at 24 apiece with 11:10 to play in the game. He made the play of the game when he took a short pass and made a number of moves to go 64 yards into the end zone to give the Cardinals a 31-24 lead with 1:56 to play.

"That play reminded me of that yesterday with DeVante taking his the distance," said Strong on Monday. "But, the confidence of this team and how they believe in one another and just how they feel about one another, now they are coming together as a team, so when you have that within a football team, then the will to win, you feel like you just cannot be beat right now if we just have an opportunity to go score."

Kentucky Sports Radio has, without question, my favorite college football rankings system in the country. I don't understand the formula, nor do I care to. All I know is that Louisville is ranked No. 48, 15 spots behind a North Carolina team it beat, and 30 spots behind a Cincinnati team it beat.

It'll be factored into the BCS before the end of the season.

The first 5,000 fans at Thursday night's exhibition game against Pikeville will receive free copies of this year's schedule poster.


It'll actually be about the first 3,500 fans since dozens of chotches will feel the need to take about 30 apiece.

NBC has Peyton Siva at No. 9 in their list of the 20 best point guards in college basketball. They also refer to Siva as the preseason "Big Eat" Player of the Year. That distinction, of course, belongs to Wayne Blackshear.

Just like back in August, Louisville is again looking like the team to beat in the Big East.

Oregon Live with more on new women's commit Alexis Montgomery.

The Cards are up four spots to No. 12 in this week's BlogPoll.

And finally, Father Russ and Father Slime hope you get all the candy your heart desires tomorrow night.