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Jurich On Keeping Strong: "I Will Match Anybody's Salary"

Tom Jurich enjoys having Charlie Strong coach his football program, and Wednesday he reiterated that he's willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that Strong stays in Louisville.

It would seem that bye weeks are the time to address the major storylines that everyone wants to ignore when there are actual football games about to be played.

Earlier today, Charlie Strong appeared on The Jim Rome radio show and was firm in his commitment to the University of Louisville when asked whether or not he might be interested in taking the head coaching job at Arkansas after this season.

"You don't just walk away when you're building a program," Strong said. "I look at the players I recruited here. I told them to come here for me and for this university. And then all the sudden I get a shot to go somewhere else and I walk away from them? I'm just not cut like that, Jim."

Still, the more Louisville wins, the more likely Strong's name is to pop up in conversations about the top candidates to take over at big time programs with head coaching vacancies. It's become an offseason trend during the Strong era at U of L, and one athletic director Tom Jurich says he is more than prepared to deal with.

When asked about his approach to a head coach such as Strong becoming increasingly attractive on the market, Jurich said he'd go crazy if he worried about every rumor.

Then he referenced his employee match plan (not the kind you might find with your company's 401K).

"I will match anybody's salary," Jurich said. "I will match anybody in college. I will be supportive of whoever's here. Do they want to be here? When someone is being talked about, that's a compliment to our program. I've had it where coaches and they're not talked about."

This is turning into one of the best bye weeks ever.