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First Look: Louisville's 2012-13 Basketball Uniforms

Let the over-analyzation of every possible detail begin.

The Louisville basketball players are spending their Wednesday afternoons taping video head shots that will be displayed on the KFC Yum Center jumbo tron this season.

U of L SID L Kenny Klein tweeted about the activity and included the following picture of Green Screen Gorgui, which would seem to give Louisville fans their first sneak peak at this season's uniforms.


Looks like smaller print across the chest this season. Digging the red and black trim around the neck, but not digging the exaggerated jagged point at the top of the 1 as much.

Here's where I think things are going to get a little controversial...


I'm going to need a closer look before coming to a complete conclusion, but my guess is that we're about to have our biggest shorts controversy since the infamous 2005-06 butt rainbow.

Again, I'm going to need a little more before taking a definitive stance here, but for right now I'm going to have to say that I'm a fan.

Your thoughts?