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Wednesday Morning Cardinal News And Notes

Weston Whitfill is bye week loungin' 20 times harder than you're bye week loungin'.

Charlie Strong will be appearing on the Jim Rome Show today at 12:35 p.m. Should definitely be worthy of lending at least one ear to.

The trillest is mighty high on both the Cards and Peyton Siva in 2012-13.

Bye Week spread check: Mike Gleason by 7.

ESPN's Andrea Adelson writes that talk of the Big East's demise has been greatly exaggerated.

Conference commissioners began to drop the term "big six" in favor of "power five" when discussing the leagues that should have a seat at the big boy table. Former Big 12 interim commissioner Chuck Neinas spoke for them all when he said the ACC, Big 12, Pac-12, Big Ten and SEC had separated themselves from the pack.

Well, how is this for separation?

The Big East has three undefeated teams through the first month of the season: No. 19 Louisville (5-0), No. 22 Rutgers (4-0) and Cincinnati (3-0 and ranked No. 23 in the coaches poll). Let us take a look around the country for a brief moment.

Do you know how many undefeated teams there are in the ACC?


How about in the Big Ten?

Two, and one is ineligible for postseason play.

Next up, the Pac-12.


That is separation, all right. Big East separation.

Crushin' pretty hard on AA right now.

Just in case you were wondering what Cardinal Pig has been up to during the bye week:

The Sporting News, which had previously announced that it had Peyton Siva as a preseason third team All-American, has Louisville at No. 2 in its preseason top 25.

2. Louisville

In determining a No. 1 team, we considered Indiana and Louisville and found that the primary difference is that Louisville has a lot of very good players and IU has an obviously great one. But "very good" has won the national title in recent years, most notably with Duke in 2010. And it's not inconceivable that Louisville guard Wayne Blackshear could turn out to be special, or that point guard Peyton Siva (pictured) or center Gorgui Dieng could continue evolving in that direction. The Cardinals have all the depth, size and experience necessary to contend for the NCAA title.

Charlie Strong isn't buying into the talk of his team's defensive struggles.

Photobombin' Ted doin' Photobombin' Ted things.


What Photobombin' Ted does.

Rick Bozich examines five reasons why the 5-0 Louisville Cardinals are better than the national experts are giving them credit for.

1. Their stats have improved nearly across the board. Looking at the season averages in rushing yards, passing yards, total yards and scoring (offense and defense), the Cards are better in seven of eight categories. No wonder they're outscoring opponent by nine points per game. Last season, the difference was less than two points.

The only decline, sorry, Charlie, has been in rushing yards allowed per game. It's jumped 100.5 to 118.

2. Their biggest improvement has been in running the ball - and that's been without Dominique Brown, Louisville's top rusher last season.

Louisville has already enjoyed four 100-yard running game - two by Senorise Perry, two by Jeremy Wright. Louisville had a single 100-yard performance (by Wright against Rutgers) last season. With 458 yards, Perry is one solid game from rolling past the 539 yards that Victor Anderson gained while leading U of L in rushing last season.

The Big East has moved ahead of the ACC in CBS' new conference power rankings.


I'm sure that's a deficit Syracuse will single-handedly be able to close in no time.

Kyle Kuric is just as lethal from the top of the key in Spain as he was at U of L (video).

A reminder that DePaul Day for the men's soccer team will be tonight at 7 inside Cardinal Park. The evening will also include a special Oktoberfest theme and deal.


I was hoping to make my soccer debut tonight for the DePaul Day festivities (it's actually known as "Day of DePaul" in the bulk of countries where "futbol"reigns as the most popular sport), but I will be doing radio stuff during that time as "The 2 Man Game" returns this evening from 6-8 on ESPN 680. As always, you can listen to the show anytime on

And the award for worst paragraph in a story about the Big East goes to...

Rutgers, Cincinnati and Louisville all remain perfect after a month's worth of games. With conference leader Rutgers on their bye week last week, the Cardinals and Bearcats took full advantage of their opportunity to gain some ground.

Well, people are always saying that the best way to make up ground on a conference rival who has one more league win than you is by playing a non-conference opponent.

Louisville fell a spot to No. 19 in this week's BlogPoll.

Just because his playing career is likely over doesn't mean Mike Marra is going to stop supporting U of L sports.


Really hoping this catches on as the next U of L meme.

All right college freshmen, you've made it through about a month and-a-half of higher education without jumping in a baby pool, which means your rep is probably still in tact at this point. I think you're ready for another major Card Chronicle college survival tip.

The main thing I learned in college is that there are very few truly funny people out there, but about eight billion people who think they're funny. Basically, I didn't really learn that much in college and you probably shouldn't be reading anything I write. Nevertheless, here is my related piece of advice to you:

If a professor announces that they are canceling a test, quiz, paper, etc., and someone in your class immediately and boorishly makes an "oh man, but I was really looking forward to that" joke, cut that person completely out of your college life.

Often times they're harmless and well-meaning enough, but that guy or girl is the worst type of unfunny person at your college, and hanging around them for a certain period of time (could be five semesters, could be five minutes) will eventually both kill your rep and make you want to kill yourself. You can't take that type of chance. Do whatever you can to make sure this person can in no way be connected to you or be under the impression that they have a connection with you.

"Oh no, I was really looking forward to that" guy/girl is also notorious for overly upbeat on-campus salutations, especially with people they only know from class but would like to form a deeper relationship with. Now what I liked to do here was wait for a situation where we were both walking towards each other on campus and then pull the most blatant "I hate you, don't talk to me" cell phone pocket pull out of all-time. It comes with far less baggage than a straight punch in the face, but it achieves the same purpose.

I mean really make sure that this thing is 50 times more brutal and obvious than when you're utilizing the technique in instances where you're actually trying not to hurt someone's feelings. It's the perfect maneuver because "really looking forward to that" classmate will never be able to call you on it, but you'll both be fully aware that it was done intentionally and with malice. These types of people will never make an effort to be a part of your life again unless you crack that door for them, and you won't, because you know better.

Now if you've made this joke at some point over the course of your first six/seven weeks at school...I mean I can't even sugarcoat're already gone.

U of L commits Anton Gill and Terry Rozier will be playing in the Louisville HoopFest at Iroquois High School on Jan. 26.


Comforting to know that Akoy quickly informed the school he's committed to about this unannounced visit.

Back the f up before you get smacked the f up, Nebraska basketball.

A week after making national headlines for scoring a 129-yard touchdown, Trent Guy earned his second consecutive CFL Special Teams Player of the Week award.

Guy's latest honour comes as a result of his 125 yards on six kick returns and 65 yards on four punt returns in the Alouettes' 41-28 loss to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats last weekend. His night's work included 103 yards on five kick returns in the first half alone.

The former University of Louisville Cardinal standout is now sixth in the CFL with 526 yards on kickoff returns this season. The 25-year-old CFL rookie has also amassed 198 yards on 29 punt returns, including a 41-yard return last Friday, his longest of the year.

Friggin' stud.

CBS' Big East Notebook takes a quick look at the growing phenomenon known as "Wet Ball Wednesday."

A pair of former Cards showing off their new NBA duds.



Eric Crawford discusses Louisville's bad luck with weather so far this season.

C.L. Brown goes one-on-one with Da Mangok.

U of L sophomore Sebastian Stiefelmeyer has been named the Big East's Men's Tennis Player of the Month for September.

Congrats to former U of L golfer Sara-Maude Juneau on earning her LPGA tour card.

And finally, Pat Forde takes a post-September look at the Big East and says, among other things, that Cincinnati is the best team in the conference, Pitt is the sleeper squad, and Teddy Bridgewater is the top Heisman Trophy candidate.

BEST OCTOBER STORYLINE: Can the league coax two unbeaten teams into November? Rutgers has a great chance to be 8-0, with three manageable home games (UConn, Syracuse and Kent State) plus a trip to Temple. Louisville and Cincinnati could meet on Friday, Oct. 26, with one or both undefeated. There could at least be something more than basketball to watch in the Big East a month from now.

I want that undefeated Friday night battle for the Keg of Nails more than I've wanted anything since the original NBA Jam, and I killed a kid for the original NBA Jam. It wasn't worth it.