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ESPN Isn't Concerned About Accuracy When Louisville Is Involved

The world wide leader isn't exactly a beacon of journalistic integrity when Louisville football is the topic...or anytime else.

And now for your "ESPN does not care for the Louisville Cardinals segment of Card Chronicle...

Exhibit A):

Dari Nowkhah of "College Football Live" after the show's experts ranked the top four teams in the country Monday afternoon: "Ok, that's it for the undefeated teams. Let's move on to the teams with one loss."

There are more than four teams in Division-I (or "FCS" if you prefer) that have yet to taste defeat.

Exhibit B):

ESPN's undefeated teams graphic from Saturday night:


Not an accurate graphic.

Exhibit C):

ESPN's new power rankings have the Cards at No. 12, and the world wide leader is really interested to see how they fare on Saturday...

12. Louisville (8-0)
The Cardinals showed some resiliency against Cincinnati, overcoming 10-point deficits on two occasions in their overtime win. Louisville is the Big East's lone undefeated team and will host Clemson next.

Louisville's next game will not be played against Clemson.