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Friday Night's Game Declared A White Out

The U of L athletic department is now encouraging all Cardinal fans attending Friday night's game against Cincinnati to wear white.

Though it appeared any plans for a "Whatever Out" had been quashed, the U of L athletic department announced Thursday afternoon that Friday's home game against Cincinnati has been declared a "White Out," and that all U of L fans attending should wear white.

Despite being the home team, the Cardinals will be wearing all white uniforms. Cincinanti will be in black.

It's an interesting (risky?) move considering this announcement is coming just a day before the game and with a weather forecast calling for both cool temperatures and rain. White isn't exactly the most heavily utilized color in the Cardinal jackets/sweatshirts repertoire.

For those interested, the Cardinal Authentic by Papa John's Cardinal Stadium is selling official White Out shirts for 12 bucks.

Generally things like this only work if they're planned out weeks in advance and have the full support of the university. While the latter is true in this instance, the 24-hour warning is going to leave a lot of folks scrambling, some resigned to wear what they were planning on wearing, and even more completely unaware of the situation.

If Charlie Strong comes out in a white suit, however, I am 100% behind the whole thing.