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Munchie Legaux: Even More Confident Than Once Thought

Turns out Munchie Legaux REALLY thinks he's a better quarterback than Teddy Bridgewater.

Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE

Cincinnati quarterback Munchie Legaux's "I'm better" than Teddy Bridgewater declaration quickly became the most talked about news item in the world of U of L sports on Tuesday.

While reading the Legaux quotes that were used for both local and national stories gave a pretty good indication of the young man's confidence level, the full transcript of the interview in question makes Munchie come off as even more self-assured than previously thought.

Media: What do you think of Teddy Bridgewater, when you watch him play? Have you seen him play?
Munchie: (Chuckles) He a pretty good player. You know, he a pretty good player. He make a lot of plays for those guys, you know. His passing efficiency is really high, you know. He takes care of the football. He is a team leader so he is a pretty good quarterback.

Media: Do you think you are similar players at all?
Munchie: I'm better.

Media: You're better?
Munchie: I'm better.

Media: Ok. You get a chance to prove it Friday night.
Munchie: Ya. Hey, well he'll see Friday night.

Media: Thanks.

With all due respect to Mr. Legaux, I'll take my chances with No. 5 any day of the week, including Friday.