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What You Should Wear To The Game Friday Night

Black Out? White Out? Red Out? Gut Out? Call Out? Ass Out? We've got all your "Whatever Out" answers below.

I doubt this will do anything to completely quash the hoard of Red Out/White Out/Black Out/Smoke Out questions, but let's try it anyway.

U of L has announced that they do not have any "Whatever Out" plans for Friday night's game against Cincinnati. The reason for this, I'm told, is essentially twofold.

1) Charlie Strong doesn't particularly care for the gimmick, and has said as much in the past.

2) Cincinnati's team colors are exactly the same as ours, which somewhat devalues any unified color effort made by Louisville fans.

You may have heard that a student group had voted to make the game a White Out. That has been canceled.

Basically, wear whatever you've been wearing all season to the game on Friday night. We're 7-0. It's been working.

As far as the team is concerned, Strong said after the West Virginia game in his first season - where the Cards wore black jerseys and lost - that the program didn't deserve to wear any specialty uniforms at that point. That said, black uniforms were made for the Cardinals this season, so you'd have to think they'll be busting them out at some point. It may not happen on Friday, as some reports have Cincinnati wearing that color (they did on the road against Toledo last weekend). Then again, maybe it will.

Whatever. The only outfit I'm worried about is the Keg of Nails wearing a CC Bird Mask after the game. Seriously, can you imagine? Make this happen, Benavides.