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Munchie Legaux On Teddy Bridgewater: 'I'm Better'

Munchie Legaux believes he's a better quarterback than Teddy Bridgewater, and he has no problem saying as much publicly.

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A Friday night showdown between Big East rivals with no conference losses and just one total loss between them doesn't really need any additional storylines.

Apparently Cincinnati quarterback Munchie Legaux doesn't care.

The athletic Legaux, who was just 15-of-36 with two interceptions in UC's loss to Toledo last weekend, took it upon hmself to stir the pot when the topic of Cardinal QB Teddy Bridgewater was brought up on Tuesday.

"He's a pretty good player," Legaux said. "He makes a lot of plays for those guys. His passing efficiency is really high. He takes care of the football. He's the team leader so he's a pretty good quarterback."

But it was when Munchie was asked if he thought the two quarterbacks were similar that he really ratcheted things up.

"I'm better," Legaux said. "We'll see Friday night."

You done Legauxne and messed up, my friend.

Legaux enters Friday's game having completed 53% of his passes this season for 1,435 yards with 12 touchdowns against five interceptions. Bridgewater, for comparison's sake, has completed 73.4% of his passes for 1,694 yards with 11 touchdowns against three interceptions. Brdgewater's 165.2 passer rating is superior to Legaux's of 136.7. Also, Teddy's team hasn't lost a game.

Someone make sure to ask John Wallace how he feels about Bearcats kicker Tony Miliano today.

Keg of Nails week, folks. It's officially on.