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Chane Behanan Suspended, Temporarily Banned From Media

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino has suspended sophomore forward Chane Behanan for the team's exhibition game against Pikeville and banned him from speaking to the media during the first semester of the season.

Andy Lyons

Reporters were informed during Sunday's Louisville basketball media day festivities that sophomore forward Chane Behanan was not going to be available for interviews and would not be for the relatively near future.

For reasons not stated, Behanan has been banned from talking to the media for the first semester of the upcoming season. Additionally, Behanan has been suspended for U of L's exhibition opener against Pikeville College on Nov. 1.

Contrary to what your Big Blue Nation friends are telling you, this has nothing to do with academics, and though it's a little weird, it's really not that big of a deal.

On a team where humility and maturity have been a pretty consistent pair of themes, Behanan has sort of been the lone exception. Even though U of L fans knew to take them for what they were, his public quotes about the Cardinals going undefeated and the Final Four being a "piece of cake" if they made it there made national headlines last year, and probably drew the ire of some of his coaches.

Rick Pitino knows that everyone is going to have to be on the same page in order for this team to achieve its ultimate goal of winning a national championship. This is an early message.