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Bridgewater nearly flawless in imperfect 27-25 win vs. USF

Good football things are still happening, run defense notwithstanding.

Andy Lyons

Please welcome guest blogger Anastasia Saunders, who will break down the USF game for us.


Hi, this is Anastasia Saunders on location from Card Chronicle Internet HQ. I like turtles and linebackers who keep gap integrity. Let us discuss a few football things after a full game of football was just played.

Teddy Bridgewater is a quarterback who threw the ball great today as opposed to throwing badly. 84% completion percent? He is only a sophomore. How did he get so good so fast? I asked coach Charlie Strong in a fake interview I conducted with cue cards.

Anastasia: Coach Strong, why does Teddy Bridgewater throw the football so well?

Charlie: [stares at me for three seconds, bewildered] Well, you look at what he does in the film room and you see a young man who is mentally prepared for the game and what the defense gives him.

Anastasia: Great, great. I personally believe momentum is building for Louisville as they head into next Friday's game against Cincinnati. Talk about other football stuff.

Charlie: [...]

Anastasia: Did your defense play second half football in the second half?

Charlie: [/was already walking away, didn't hear my question]

Anastasia: Perfect! Thanks, coach! Alright guys let's get back to the game review post to summarize what happened during the full game in review.

Damian Copeland is nicknamed Honey Mustard; thoughts? I personally believe this is a good name for him because his hair is fun. He made big plays for positive yardage today. [/blows kisses].

Louisville run defense--oof. I will blow zero kisses to you. I thought you were supposed to be a strength this year? 200 yards to South Florida? Not great, not great. Did like the goal line stand. Maybe one kiss.

I personally believe Skip Holtz wanted Louisville to win and U of L fans should thank him for his clock management skills with the clock. Sources tell me the USF athletic director just posted the remainder of Holtz's contract on*.

So, let's summarize the main story: Louisville moves to 7-0 and Bridgewater is good at quarterbacking. Congrats to my Great Great Player Of The Game Preston Brown, who had 17 tackles in the football game.

*USF boosters: please do not reply directly to this post. This blog is not monitored and you will not receive a response.