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Gorgui Dieng Is Louisville's Most Interesting Man

Last night I was fortunate enough to serve as a guest panelist at U of L's Meat & Potatoes program, a monthly forum where male students at the university are invited for food and a discussion about a variety of topics that pertain to their interests.

The other guest panelist for the program...Debating Gorgui.


Predictably, the resulting hour was probably the most entertaining discussion I've ever been a part of.

UPDATE: Gorgui quotes removed since the format of the post could be likened to a one-on-one interview, which has to be approved by the U of L compliance office...they will live on in our hearts forever.

A big thanks to the folks who put together the Meat & Potatoes program for inviting me out, and an equally big thanks to Gorgui Dieng for being probably my favorite human being on the planet.