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Will Stein Looking To Become Sunniest U of L Homecoming King Ever

On Oct. 20, the University of Louisville Homecoming King crown could be passed from basketball star Peyton Siva to Cardinal QB Will Stein.

The U of L Homecoming King semifinalists have been announced, and alas, it appears the run of Cardinal basketballers capturing the crown will come to an end.

What can you say? King Russ and King Gorgui are the heroes Louisville deserves, but not the ones it needs right now.

But from the shadows, a sunny challenger appears.


Indeed, it seems "Sunny" William Stein is one of U of L's 10 candidates for 2012 Homecoming King. His list of affiliated groups and accomplishments include being quarterback of the football team, a student in U of L's MBA program and a member of SAAC. They do not, surprisingly enough, include staying unwaveringly upbeat in the face of tremendous adversity.


Look, I love Bryce Wooley as much as the next guy (you get a reprieve this year, Donlon), but it's going to be hard for me not to throw my support to Sunny Will here. The guy has been as much of a model for what a Louisville football player should be as anyone who has ever rolled through this program. It'd be nice to see him honored at halftime of the South Florida game.