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Ten Thoughts: Louisville 45, Pittsburgh 35

Justin K. Aller - Getty Images

1. While I think the positives ultimately outweighed the negatives, this was a game that covered just about every range of emotion possible. It started really badly, then it got kind of good, then it got really good, and then it got kind of bad. Once again, it wasn't the complete effort we've all been looking for, but I think it was refreshing to see both the offense look dominant and the defense get pressure on an opposing quarterback.

2. I still think Coach Strong's decision to go for it on 4th and 8 on U of L's side of the field with just 16 seconds left in the first half was the wrong call nine times out of ten, but no one has ever paid me to coach football. That said, it was a remarkable throw and catch from Teddy to DeVante and it unquestionably turned the tide of the entire game.

I think it's time for U of L to adopt the old Randy Moss philosophy of having a least one "throw the ball down the field and let DeVante try and make something happen" play per half The young man is awfully talented.

3. Sans one series from Jamon Brown, the offensive line was absolutely fantastic as a unit for the entire game. Of particular note was the play of Jake Smith, who was just hammering Panthers for four quarters. The biggest testament to the O-line's play was how easily Senorise Perry scored on his three short touchdowns where all 22 guys on the field pretty much knew that Louisville was going to run the ball.

4. How good is Keith Brown going to be? The true freshman received his first career start and promptly responded by leading the team in tackles with 12. This comes a game after Brown tied for the team lead in tackles when he saw his first extended action of the season against Southern Miss. He needs to put on a little bit of muscle and he's still finding himself out of place every now and then, but the young man absolutely flies around the field.

The personal foul call on Brown that helped extend Pitt's drive in the second quarter was also all sorts of awful.

5. I was worried about John Congemi's analysis heading into the game since he played quarterback at Pitt, but the only thing he really did that infuriated me was when he kept watching the replay Rushel Shell's knee bouncing off the turf and would keep saying that he thought it "grazed" the ground. It was one of the more stubborn announcer moments I can remember, and it made me want to graze his face with my fist.

6. I feel like we're all sort of starting to take Teddy for granted. When he stepped up in the pocket on that third and long play in the second quarter, there was no doubt in my mind that he was going to put the ball exactly where it needed to be. Sure enough he drilled Andrell Smith down the middle of the field and the Cards put the ball in the endzone a few plays later.

Watching four quarters of a game featuring two not even bad, but average quarterbacks trying to lead their offenses really makes you appreciate just how good our sophomore signal caller is. And if that doesn't do the trick, it might behoove you to go back and watch a game from the '08 or '09 season. Both Justin Burke and Adam Froman did well by us...but Teddy is Teddy, and again, I think there's a very real chance that he goes down as the best to ever play the position at U of L.

7. It looks like Titus Teague lost his gunner job to Stephan Robinson. Just know that I'm still team 18 'til I die, TT.

8. This might have been the game where Louisville's force off the edge emerged, and did so in the form of Lorenzo Mauldin. There was a period there where Lozo simply could not be blocked. The Cardinal defense needs that threat to both divert attention from their linebackers and to get in the head of opposing quarterbacks. You'd love to see Mauldin build off this performance and have a dominant second half of the season.

9. I have to give some a quick shoutout to my dad, whose biggest takeaway from the UK game was that we were going to have multiple punts blocked this season. He didn't like the blocking and he thought both of the pnters that were used on that day took far too long to get their kicks away. It's hard to blame what happened Saturday on Ryan Johnson (where in the world were you looking, B.J.?), but he does seem to take about a second too long to get the ball away. These are the types of things that could ruin a dream season.

10. We are 6-0.