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Tuesday Morning Cardinal News And Notes

That's Chris Schulz representing for the Cards while on a sight-seeing tour in what I believe is Owensboro. Let me just do a quick ch---yeah, that's Owensboro. Way to stay strong in Wildcat country, Chris.

Spread check: Louisville by 7 (opened at 9).

Weather check: partly cloudy with a high of 63 and a low of 49. Chance of rain is currently 10%.

The South Florida is hoping a win over Louisville can be the start of a turnaround similar to the one the Cardinals had beginning around this time last season.

USF coach Skip Holtz said "there's still a lot of football left to be played'' and Louisville's turnaround last season "shows that it can be done.'' But for the Bulls to make a significant second-half improvement, their minus-11 turnover ratio must improve. USF also has the only Football Bowl Subdivision defense without an interception.

"That's a huge statistic in college football,'' Holtz said. "That has to turn around if we're going to have any idea of making a run like Louisville did.''

The Cards are really happy to be back at home for the first time in five weeks. So am I, which is why I'm tailgating right now. A lot more AMC Fear Fest and Welch's fruit snacks than you might expect at a tailgate, but you know, I'm rusty.

USF head coach Skip Holtz has vowed to shake up his depth chart for this game in order to reward the guys who have been producing the most on the field for the Bulls so far this season.

The Big East is now ranked ahead of both the ACC and the Big Ten in the latest ESPN Stats & Information conference power rankings.


Unfortunately for the league, it still ranks just behind the Ohio Valley and well behind the CSAA's 5th and 6th grade division in ESPN's On Air Highlights and Discussion Time power rankings.

Eric Crawford takes a look at what U of L's No. 16 BCS ranking means for the Cards.

CBS unveils its Midseason Big East Awards and names Teddy Bridgewater as its offensive MVP.

Offensive Player of the Year: Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville. The Cardinals' sophomore quarterback gets the nod narrowly over Rutgers RB Jawan Jamison. Bridgewater is adept at making pre-snap adjustments, goes through his progressions expertly and is deadly accurate. If two of the Cardinals' six games weren't in horrid conditions, Bridgewater may be considered a sleeper for the Heisman. As it is, he's completing more than 71 percent of his attempts and has a sterling TD/INT ratio of 11:3.

In addition to Bridgewater, the Cards places Senorise Perry, Mario Benavides, Alex Kupper and Calvin Pryor on CBS' Midseason All-Big East Team.

The 2012-13 U of L basketball team didn't need the glitz and glam of a midnight madness event to kickoff what it knows can be a historic season.

The Cardinal running back tandem of Senorise Perry and Jeremy Wright currently rank No. 1 and No. 2 in the Big East in rushing touchdowns.


Keep in mind that Louisville only had 13 total rushing touchdowns as a team in 13 games last season.

Saturday's game will be a meeting between the best and worst teams in the Big East, according to the new CBS power rankings.

U of L commit Quentin Snider went head-to-head (for a brief period) with U of L recruit Jaquan Lyle John Lucas Midwest Invitational camp on Sunday, and the pair reportedly put on quite the show.

Let's start with Snider and then work our way back to Lyle. First, the 6-foot-1 listing of Snider is perhaps a little generous but you wouldn't want to classify him as a little guard by any means. In addition to his quick first step, ability to come out of spins at full speed and comfort with playing the role of scorer or distributor, Snider has gotten stronger. That strength shows in his shooting, his finishing and his overall endurance. By all indications, he looks like a great addition for Louisville and he certainly lived up to his ranking while playing on his home turf.

Currently a five-star, Lyle is a totally different player. Like Snyder he does have to have the ball in his hands and be used as a playmaker, but he's much more measured in his approach. Lyle isn't a high flyer or a Derrick Rose-like speed guy, but he is very smart, clever and has a nice arsenal of tricks. He will put his body on defenders to get them going one way before spinning the other. He passes extremely well and he's improved as a shooter but remains most effective as an off the dribble scorer at the rim or with pull-ups and floaters.

Sounds like a solid preseason preview for a top-ranked backcourt.

Speaking of Lyle, here's what he had to say about Louisville to IU site Inside the Hall.

On where Louisville stands with him this fall: "Louisville I hear from all the time. Coach (Kevin) Keatts, he's a great coach. Rick Pitino, he's a terrific coach. They're close to home. Louisville's a great fit, but (I) got to wait and see."

On getting attention from Louisville, Kentucky and Indiana: "It's a great feeling, but (I) just got to take it all in and stay humble at all times."

Fast starts have been one of U of L's biggest assets so far this season.

Skip Holtz currently has that all-too-familiar combination of fast talking and occasionally flashing an awkward quarter smile when addressing the media (video) that coaches who are scared sh--less of being fired tend to take on after the midway point of the season.

About 97% sure this is actually Teddy.


ESPN announced earlier this week that Fran Fraschilla will be replacing Bob Knight as Brent Musberger's partner on Big Monday telecasts this winter. The pair will mostly call the 9 p.m. Big 12 game that follows the 7 p.m. Big East contest.

What makes the story even better is that Knight will be moving to Thursday nights, where he'll call SEC games. You may remember that The General drew the ire of Big Blue Nation (the easiest accomplishment in the world) by refusing to address Kentucky as anything other than "that SEC team" while on air last season. Knight will be calling two UK games, but none inside Rupp Arena.

Paul Biancardi feels it.

Ryan Atwood's inexplicably abandoned soccer career in season one of The OC bothers me more than I think any of you could possibly understand.

The U of L men's soccer team's Wednesday night game at South Florida has been picked up by ESPNU. The game, which is also USF's Senior Night, is set to begin at 7 p.m.

This Baby for Blackshear is a true U of L basketball junkie, and thus can't be expected to do something as trivial as pose for a picture with Louie while the Cards are hooping right in front of him.


A big thanks to the Cardinal Dames for inviting me to be the guest speaker at their monthly meeting last night. I had a blast and am drinking out of my Cardinal Dames mug as I type this. Ok that was a blatant lie, I can't type and drink at the same time. But it is here on the table next to m--Ok, that was going to be a lie too. It's actually like 2 a.m. right now and this is going to be autoposted at I'm not drinking coffee...but I love the mug.

The new CBS bowl projections are sticking with Louisville vs. Georgia in the Sugar Bowl.

SB Nation, conversely, sees the Cards squaring off against Florida State in the Orange Bowl.

If you missed it on Saturday, here's Andrew Johnson proving why he won the CC vote for favorite Cardinal football player on Twitter.

A good story on former U of L volleyball coach Leonid Yelin, who is now the head coach at Syracuse and will be facing the Cards on Friday for the first time since leaving Louisville in 2010.

The Schnell recently talked with Rick Bozich about what Kentucky needs to do in order to revitalize its football program, and his answer was predictably insightful and entertaining.

"They have to do what Louisville did (in 1984), take a long hard look at themselves, admit they have a problem and need help, the way an alcoholic does," Schnellenberger said.

"They have to commit themselves to getting well, refuse to surrender and place their trust in a higher power. They have to go through the entire 12-step program like we did in Louisville. It's not easy to admit, but it has to be done.

"They have to get the right group of people leading the charge, develop the zeal to line up behind the recovery and climb to the top of the mountain. Everybody has to get behind the person in charge with an undisputed unison. They have to give the football program the resources to be great. That's where it starts."

There is no way Murray State's Zay Jackson should be allowed to play basketball this season. After watching the video of what he did, the quotes from MSU athletic director Allen Ward seem almost surreal. He was in a situation where he wasn't wasn't acting out of fear for his life, and what he did could have easily resulted in the deaths of two people. A 30-day jail sentence and a semester away from basketball are preposterously lenient punishments. The kid should have been expelled from school a month ago.

Congrats to Andrew "Peppa" Farrell on being named Big East Defender of the Week on Monday.

And finally, when it comes to handling preseason expectations, The Sporting News says Rick Pitino's 2012-13 squad is up to the task.