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Charlie Strong And Alex Kupper Talk Pitt Win, Preview USF

Videos are availabl at the C-J.

Charlie Strong


--Winning your first conference game on the road is big, especially against a team like Pitt that we hadn't played very well against in past years.

--Was disappointed that the defense gave up that touchdown at the end of the game.

--South Florida is going to be another big challenge because every game in this conference is going to be a challenge. They're in the exact same position we were in last year when and we ended up winning five league games and sharing the conference title. They have a lot of seniors and a lot of talent. It's all about gelling and playing together for them.

--Senorise Perry does a tremendous job of running behind his pads, and when he gets a step on someone he can outrun just about everybody. He and Jeremy Wright are both playing really well.

--Senorise needs to thank his offensive line because he wasn't touched on three of his four touchdown runs.

--John Miller and Kamran Joyer will both be re-evaluated tomorrow.

--We have seven or eight really talented offensive linemen, and they can all play multiple positions so we can shuffle those guys around when we have to.

--Daniel Brown is not expected to play this week.

--Has told Dominique Brown that he will be redshirted as long as Jeremy Wright and Senorise Perry stay healthy.

--"You don't wanna hear the halftime speech."

--Was disappointed in the lack of energy in the first half. The defense struggled to stop Pitt on third downs and the offense had to waste a couple of timeouts. Let them hear about it at the half.

--We can't get full of ourselves. We like the fact that we're 6-0, but we all know that we could have played better at times. We haven't been a consistent football team and that has to change.

--Freshman linebacker Keith Brown played extremely well in his first start. Lorenzo Mauldin also played very well and Brandon Dunn probably had the best game of his season.

--We have to play better defensively. We'll have three or four really good series and then all of the sudden we'll give up a big play they shouldn't. But what's really good is that our guys understand that.

--We had a great crowd of fans at the Pitt game, but it's going to be really nice to be back playing in front of our home fans on Saturday.

--"We're not even thinking about Cincinnati." Every week is a one game season. South Florida is 2-4 the same way we were 2-4 last season, and they're the only team we need to worry about. If our players take on that attitude then we'll be fine.

--John Wallace has a very strong leg and he's been great for us this year. Nothing seems to bother him. He's usually good from about 49 yards in.

--Adrian Bushell is playing well. He's playing outside corner and also the nickel back when we need him there. Pitt was purposefully kicking the ball away from him on Saturday.

--Refers to Scott Radcliff as "Bad Rad."

--Teddy is such a great student of the game. He and Coach Watson are always talking and always meeting. He's really seeing the big picture now.

--Alex Kupper is our best offensive lineman because he can play tackle, guard and center. He is so smart and he knows exactly what he has to do to make the block. He's a tremendous competitor and it's so fun to watch him play. If something happened to Mario and Kup had to move to center, we wouldn't miss a beat.

Alex Kupper


--It was a little intimidating when he first learned he was moving out to left tackle because most people who play that position are bigger than he is. It was a big challenge but I feel like I stepped up to the plate.

--South Florida has terrific speed top to bottom. Their linebackers are very fast and they always present a difficult challenge for us.

--Walking on here and then being in this position as a senior starter on a 6-0 team, I couldn't have asked for more.

--Keeps telling Coach Watson that they need to practice a throwback to the tackle, but that probably won't happen. They don't have a "fat package" for him like they do for Mario.

--Kamran Joyer has played very well since he had to step in last week.

--Pitt had a really good gameplan on how to defend us, so it felt really good to crack that when Senorise had his long run in the 4th quarter.

--It's really cool to see a gameplan go from something on paper to something that comes to life on the field.

--USF has 25 seniors and they know that all it takes is one game to turn a season around.

--He's not surprised that he's playing at this level after being a walk-on. I always knew that if I put in the work I could play at this level. It's not all about size.