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Solving The Teddy Bridgewater Sock Mystery

The answer to what Teddy Bridgewater keeps in his socks during games has finally been revealed.

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

It wasn't an ankle brace or a lego, and he's not a robot.

Via The New York Times, Teddy Bridgewater finally tells the world what he keeps in his socks during games.

Yet it is possible that the secret behind Bridgewater's excellent play, which has landed him on some early Heisman Trophy watch lists, can be found in his socks.

"I keep two in the left sock and two in the right," said Bridgewater, who left spearmint behind for Bazooka when he moved from high school to college. "The gum just relaxes me."

The precise nature of the objects in Bridgewater's socks had been something of a mystery, with speculation on Louisville message boards that the visible bulges were caused by good luck amulets and with wild speculation that they were a court-ordered ankle monitor. Then the truth was revealed: It was merely gum wrapped in comic strips featuring an eye-patch-wearing mascot.

"I give the comics to the equipment manager," he said.

I'd like for everyone to give themselves a self-hug for influencing New York Times reporting. I'm just worried that one of us eis going to go all Chronicle and start using this power for evil. We all know I'm talking about Hot Hot.