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Card Chronicle's Must-Have Football Recruit For 2013

All right, we have a pretty solid track record on the AAU circuit, so I think it's time for Card Chronicle to take a quick foray into the perhaps even creepier world of football recruiting.

The Target: Clarksville, TN QB/LB Jalen Reeves-Maybin

The Reason: He's Marques Maybin's son

The Follow-Up Note: Holy sh-t, Marques Maybin has a son who is a junior in high school. I'm going to be eating dinner at 4:30 any day now.

As a four-star recruit already with offers from Tennessee and Vanderbilt, among others, Reeves-Maybin isn't exactly a diamond in the rough. He's listed by scouting services as a quarterback, but is being recruited by colleges as an all-around athlete.

As a junior in 2011, Reeves-Maybin had 85 solo tackles and 18 assists to go along with 10 forced fumbles. On the offensive side he rushed for 1,463 yards rushing and threw for 1,267 more yards while accounting for 46 total touchdowns.

Jalen says that he has had contact with Louisville, but that the Cardinals have not offered him a scholarship yet. I'd prefer if that changed.

Bring Almost Tackling/Throwing/Catching/Rushing/Scoring Jalen Reeves-Maybin To The Oven.

Tagline is a work in progress.