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Cards Find Themselves In ESPN's "Bottom Ten"

I suppose this was a matter of when and not if.

8. Louisville

Offense: Sudden defensive leniency
Bottom 10 judgment: "Rusty Cage." Louisville has not been a particularly pretty offensive team this season; the Cardinals have thrived on defense and rebounding and their press and tough-nosed play. In the past week, those qualities have vanished. On Tuesday night, Louisville was blown out 90-59 at Providence, putting up an anemic offensive performance while allowing the upstart Friars to score 1.34 points per possession. Then, on Monday, the Cardinals suffered a dramatic collapse on the road. With 14 minutes left in the first half, Rick Pitino's team led 18-2 at Marquette. The final score: Marquette 74, Louisville 63. If my math is correct, that means Louisville was outscored 72-45 over the final 34 minutes of the game. What happened to this team's defense? If the relevant metaphor is a cage, well, you better believe that thing is rusty.

"But I'm gonna break / I'm gonna break my / Gonna break my rusty cage and run."

I've read cooler things.