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Tuesday Morning Cardinal News And Notes


Ten-month-old Lola couldn't be a bigger fan of game day mornings.

It's hard to believe there are Cards fans flashing L's right now who weren't even born when Bryce Cotton was the talk of the town.

Last night, a non-SEC champion defeated the SEC champion it had already lost to at home in order to become one of five teams to finish the season with one loss.

I never think it's possible, but I get more angry every year.

It's unbelievable how much we all need this Providence game to happen, especially when you consider that it hasn't even been three full days since the Notre Dame loss.

A relatively convincing win tonight and all of the sudden the skies are clear once again...for at least three days.

Louisville is currently a 7.5-point favorite over the Friars.

Generic U of L/PC preview.

LSU's performance in last night's national title game (eye roll) allowed Louisville to finish the 2011 season ranked No. 1 in punt return defense.

Who's making the shirt? Because I'm buyin'.

We haven't had enough Russ art over the past 48 hours. Let's change that.


I can't exactly explain why, but I love it.

Louisville's record with Mark Jackson Jr.: 12-0. Louisville's record without Mark Jackson Jr.: 1-3.

These are facts. Facts which I have merely laid in front of you on this fine January morning.

This was brought up on Twitter yesterday: how much would you like to see DeVante Parker lacing them up for the basketball Cards right now? A lot of people thought he was the best player in the seventh region last year, and that's a group of guys that included Eastern's Remy Abell, who's getting minutes for an Indiana team ranked in the top ten. There are those who follow Ballard basketball pretty closely who say Parker's the best Bruin baller of the past decade.

We need a three-point threat and there's no question he can knock 'em down. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

Alhaji Mohammed has had an extremely successful professional career abroad since graduating from Louisville. He's currently playing for a team in Kuwait and just did this in a game (you want to watch).

Look at where his head is when he actually dunks the ball. Good God, Al.

Your fresh Big East basketball statistics include Gorgui Dieng ranking first in blocks and third in rebounds, Russ Smith ranking second in steals and Louisville ranking first in team defense.

A lot of folks were quick to bring up Ron Cooper and Steve Kragthorpe last night, but not many noted that Alabama OC (now Colorado State head coach) Jim McElwain was the wide receivers/special teams coach at U of L from 2000-2002. Congratulations to him.

Everything that West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is summed up by one picture:


Doesn't it seem like Providence does something to honor the 1987 Final Four team every year? Anyway, they're celebrating the 25th anniversary tonight and several of the players from that team will be on hand at the Dunk for the festivities.

The first in-season SB Nation bracketology has Louisville as a five seed in the West.

Yahoo says Louisville is struggling in its latest Big East overview.

Louisville: The Cardinals have started 1-2 in league play for the first time since 2005-06, which is the last time they missed the NCAA tournament. They lack guys who can get their own shots, and they also have been sloppy with the ball, with 10 more turnovers (234) than assists (224). In its past four games (a 1-3 mark in those four), Louisville has 52 assists and 60 turnovers.

Wazoo Sports Inc. has filed for Chapter 11 protection after listing debts of more than $3 million.

Louisville is one of eight programs with a BCS victory and no BCS losses. West Virginia (3-0), Auburn and Boise State (2-0), Kansas, U of L, OKlahoma State, Oregon State and Washington (1-0) comprise the group.

And finally, some more positive thinking from CardGame:

Louisville's current #14 ranking in the AP poll is better than their ranking for this week in 12 of their 22 seasons that ended with a Sweet Sixteen or better.

Season - NCAA Tournament result - AP rank in second poll of Jan.

1986 - National champion - 18
1980 - National champion - 11
2005 - Final Four - 19
1983 - Final Four - 9
1982 - Final Four - 17
1975 - Final Four - 3
1972 - Final Four - 5
1959 - Final Four - Unranked
2009 - Elite Eight - 20
2008 - Elite Eight - Unranked
1997 - Elite Eight - 10
1996 - Sweet Sixteen - Unranked
1994 - Sweet Sixteen - 15
1993 - Sweet Sixteen - Unranked
1989 - Sweet Sixteen - 9
1988 - Sweet Sixteen - Unranked
1984 - Sweet Sixteen - Unranked
1978 - Sweet Sixteen - 9
1974 - Sweet Sixteen - 11
1968 - Sweet Sixteen - Unranked
1967 - Sweet Sixteen - 2
1961 - Sweet Sixteen - 4

Can't wait for tip.