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Brian Wardle does something cool

Louisville fans likely remember Brian Wardle as the crew-cutted Marquette freshman whose buzzer-beating three-pointer crushed the Cards in '98 and sent then head coach Mike Deane into his now infamous postgame celebration on the Freedom Hall floor.

Today, he's the head basketball coach at Green Bay and he's doing much cooler things.

Eric Valentin is best known as the 5-foot-4 walk-on at Green Bay who broke the Guinness record for halfcourt shots in a minute last year. Despite not standing over 5-foot tall until well into his high school career, Valentin's incredible attitude and work ethic earned him a spot on the Phoenix roster, and even some court time during his junior year.

Tuesday, it earned him a full scholarship.

But Wardle didn't want to simply call Valentin into his office to break the news. Instead he decided to pull a prank which involved chastising Valentin for being out-of-shape, something Wardle blamed on the walk-on's summer internship.

The cameras were rolling.

Very cool.