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Rick Pitino says the Big East won't lose a step

OK, let's look at this.

There are so many reports about the demise of the Big East. Not only is that is false, but the Big East won’t lose a step!

Exclamation point. Not the best start. It sort of makes Pitino seems like John Beckwith when he starts crashing weddings by himself.

I want to reiterate losing Syracuse is a major blow to the Big East. I had the privilege of working there for Jim Boeheim his first two years as head coach. Please don’t tell me they fit better with the research universities of the ACC. Syracuse is a charter member of the Big East plain and simple. I can’t wait for my next recruiting trip to New York to find out the Yankees are moving to Chapel Hill.

Pitt is a different story, their style of basketball is all Big East but their administration views could be elsewhere. We will have them both for the next two years.

Eat sPitt.

The ninth ranked basketball team in the Big East accomplished the unthinkable, winning it all last year. Don’t think the ACC didn’t take note as they watched for a second year with only a limited number of their teams reaching the NCAA Tournament -- four to be exact, compared to the Big East’s 11. Let’s get one thing clear: Syracuse and Pitt leaving the Big East is not about research or football.

It's about money and fleeing an increasingly unstable ship being captained by a man who continues to prove with each succeeding day that he's unfit for his position?

It is the ACC desire to return to the top conference in college basketball.

Ah. Sticking with money and fleeing an increasingly unstable ship being captained by a man who continues to prove with each succeeding day that he's unfit for his position.

As Lee Corso would say,

There's no way Louisville will ever beat Miami in football?

"Not so fast my friends."

Ah. Sticking with there's no way Louisville will ever beat Miami in football.

The SEC will make a strong comeback

Comeback = Kentucky is great, Florida is good, Vanderbilt is better than usual, a random is decent and everyone else is awful.

the Pac 12 will be as strong as ever

Six total teams in the tournament the last two years, and just one has advanced past the first weekend.

and after our president’s meeting on Sunday we won’t miss a beat. And here is why….

All right, I'm willing and ready. Hit me with your best.

Rutgers and Seton Hall have two outstanding young coaches who will turn things around and make great strides.

Not exactly "putting your best foot forward," but I'm still here.

DePaul will press their way back into competitiveness .

*Gets up and walks out*

Marquette is a team you should be concerned about when you get off the bus.

*Drinking from the water fountain in the hallway*

Georgetown, Villanova, Cincinnati, St. Johns, West Virginia, UConn, and Louisville will always be some of the strongest teams in college basketball.

A little generous with Cincinnati and St. John's there, but word.

USF and TCU are a unique situation, but with two or three great additions to their rosters anything can happen.

Probably should have just left this one alone completely.

Should we add Temple to the mix, we will still be as strong as ever.

I only took one math course after my junior year of high school ("contemporary mathematics" a B+), but Eric Bledsoe could tell you Temple + TCU ≠ Syracuse + Pitt.

Now if we can just get some state governors to concern themselves with job creation, deficits, and foreclosures…..Lookout!!!

*Pictures Pitino crashing into a drum set while attempting to lead a wedding reception in "Shout"*

The big question for those who concern themselves with the future: Who will play in more football BCS bowl games? UConn, TCU, USF, or Louisville compared to Big East defections BC, Virginia Tech, Miami, and now Pitt and Syracuse.

I don't know, Oklahoma and Texas could be pretty big road blocks for Louisville and TCU.

Only time will tell…..

When Louisville will be allowed to begin play in the Big 12.